Exhibition Papiers Choisis II, until 28 August 2016!

Thank you all for coming to see the exhibition Papiers Choisis II on opening night. We were a hundred to a drink in the presence of the three artists, Marie-Therese Herbin, Odon and Bernadette Chéné.

Speech by Jacqueline Humbert:

For this new exhibition, I have the great pleasure to welcome three artists:

Bernadette Chéné working on site newsprint, his works are often exhibited in prestigious venues such as recently at the Abbey of Bramblewood – Angers.

Odon with its large circular colored braids and also require large spaces – small churches or cathedrals campaigns but Laduz he proposed his “canivets” ancient technique of carving that dates back to 13th century

Marie-Therese Herbin exposes Laduz his works made from recycled paper …

These artists are not unknown to Laduz because for ten years I have organized exhibitions around the paper and textile materials which I am very sensitive. These exhibitions have brought a new audience to the museum and then they stopped using foul.
Seven years later and without means, I desired to repeat this experience with my artist friends.

This is also the thirty years of the Museum. Thirty years eve I love with this museum created with passion and patience by Raymond Humbert.
It is complicated enough to keep the museum in the state.
This important and rich place of history “of labor at the party,” men and women of campaigns that works until the end of the 19th century …

Thank you to my artist friends
and to everyone who participated in this success!