Our events in 2016

1986-2016: Le musée fête ses 30 ans..!

Cette année, le Musée des Arts Populaires de Laduz fête ses trente ans. Tout l’été, des documents seront exposés et retraceront pour les visiteurs, l’histoire du musée; Récits des temps forts de toutes ces années d’acquisitions, de rencontres et de témoignages…

1986-2016: The museum celebrates 30 years ..!

This year the Laduz Museum of Folk Arts celebrates thirty years. All summer, documents and presentations will retrace to visitors, the museum’s history. Stories of the highlights of all these years of acquisitions, meetings and testimonials …

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Exhibition Selected Papers II

From 02 July to 28 August the Laduz Museum invites Marie-Thérèse HerbinOdon and Bernadette Chéné to exhibit their works “papers”.

These artists come from a family bound by the same need to create with simple materials from everyday life: newsprint, kraft paper … Papers are cut, folded, woven, wrinkled, braided, carved and transformed into pieces of contemporary art.

In reference to our 2004 exhibition, “From fiber and yarn,” we take our research and discovery of talented artists and recognized by their innovative and amazing works in their design.

Download the press release here: communiqué de presse in French.


Artists’ Workbooks in Laduz

The Laduz Museum and Françoise Duvernier organize the 9, 10 and 11 September 2016 a Artists’ Workbooks exhibition, creating the link between our presentations artists working paper and the book trade. These different professions will be represented by ten guests: authors, illustrators, publishers, bookbinders inviting local personalities.

Monique Mathieu, Laurence Maurel, Anne-Lise Chaperon,  Claudie Stassart et Jean-Marie Queneau (Editions de la Goulotte), Danièle Blanchelande, Shirley Sharoff, Jean-Louis Espilit, Marie-Noelle FontantCloé Rousset, Anne Delfieu, OdonMarie-Thérèse Herbin. We also expect the presence of graphic art center of La métairie bruyère (Edition RLD)