School groups at the museum

Classes CP and CE1 of Branches of Elementary School took the Toy Workshop Wood under the sun of June. Arrived at 10am, the 41 students were divided into 2 groups. One went to visit the Popular Toys with Theresa and Lorraine and the children made their own toys; unique assemblages of pieces of wood, small fruit trees, various natural elements … mosses and lichens …

The other group went with Manon to discover the artisans, their tools and their works; the saddler, blacksmith, the blacksmith, the wheelwright and the shoemaker. They worked in pairs on issues enabling them to synthesize the visit. All sitting in the grass, Manon has told them the story of the Lady who loved horses too, Martine Laffon and Joëlle Jolivet. The kids loved the sweet and funny story by finding objects seen at the museum!

The groups met for a picnic in the shade of large trees in the park. And the afternoon beginner groups have joined the mediators that they had not had the morning ..!

4 large boxes filled with imaginative toys made by the children could take the bus back … phew!

Some achievements of children:

IMG_4033 IMG_4037IMG_4041IMG_4045IMG_4052IMG_4054IMG_4056 IMG_4058