Children group tours: activities & wood toys workshop


Children workshops:
wood toys creation

Visiting the museum and creative workshops for children from 4 to 11 years old.

The workshops are optional and recommended. The visit and workshops can be organized on a half day or a day with a picnic in the garden of the museum.

How to make children to discover that memory and knowledge of craftsmen are our common heritage, if not through the materials, tools, gestures and old photos, testimonies of their lives?

The museum offers a range of activities creating formulas chosen depending on the length of your visit to the museum:

The round wooden clogs: folklore threshing

Toil at the party, dancing hooves served farmers to dissociate his ear wheat grain by the round and the beating of hooves on the crops. wooden clogs are lent to children n replicate this time of celebration. Rhythmically, children will “sound” wooden shoes lent by the Museum.


For younger children, an illustrated story is read aloud on the themes of the museum. (Eg The lady who loved horses too, Martine Laffon and Joëlle Jolivet, Seuil ed.)

drawings and paintings of observation

Stencils, empty silhouettes of different objects presented in the museum, are distributed to the child as a basis. It can then invent details and decorations for purpose. He grasps the pictorial technique of reproduction of a form by printing a stencil. The child is left free to his imagination.

Wood workshop

Children resume the path of trades, traditions, but also old toys. What dream and provoke the imagination while learning to observe tools and singular objects, beautiful in form and rich in their past.

The museum visit can be complemented by workshops for creating wooden toys and stencils. The workshops allow children to make their own toys, they can take at the end of the workshops.

  • As with any meeting, you better prepare for the visit with his class, upstream.
  • Given the time available for each course: for primary classes, it is essential to book in advance, contact the museum: a subject and a profession, chosen with the participating children. Examples: Earth and Potier, Iron and blacksmith, etc.
  • A small educational track to prepare for the visit can be requested at the museum and sent by email.

A journey in three stages

From 5 to 11 years old

  • Discoveries of matter
  • Stories and technical
  • Products and designs

Visiting the Popular Toys and Wood Workshop solicit and connect the lessons of history and geography, arts and technology (technical vocabulary, handicraft), history of art and crafts, and civic and moral rules.


  • Discover a museum: Learning to include it (work the attention and concentration)
  • Knowing his past: To determine their relative long time. The visit will help the child realize that inherits a past that will, in turn, responsible for transmitting.
  • Consider the evolution of techniques.
  • Develop your language: Explore the diversity of craft techniques and precise and technical vocabulary.
  • Stimulate and develop their imagination and creativity through manual and artistic activities
  • Cultivate aesthetic conscience and the “beautiful object”

Discovery of matter

Contact the material in all the senses. Look, touch, feel, to sound different materials (clay, stone, wood, leather, iron, wool and linen).

The workshop allows children to develop their manual or physical skill and imagination.

For larger tour will allow it to meet the educational cards of the museum so that it makes the synthesis of his visit, his discovery of old professions throughout history, tools and objects.

These tours are for classes of kindergartens and elementary schools, mediators adapt their explanations to the child’s age.

Ability to couple the visit with a workshop for creating wooden toys. Receiving two groups, a total of 50 children, on the day, alternating between each group tour and workshop. Picnic and relax in the large garden.

Price: 3 € per child + guide fee € 40

Package class (25 students max.): Guided tour + workshop: 350 €

12-15 years old groups

Themed tour 2 hours

Trades of yesterday and today

Opportunity to receive 2 groups of 25 students max.

Download 12-15 presentation:  fiche-presentation-colleges in French.

Price: € 5 per package guide teens + € 40

16-18 years old groups

Themed tour: 2 hours

Trades & craft of yesterday and today

Opportunity to receive 2 groups of 25 students max.

Download 16-18 presentation: fiche-presentation-lycees in French.

Price: € 5 per youth + guide fee € 40

Social centers, educational, recreational groups

These tours are for children, youth and families, mediators adapt their explanations to the public ages. Ability to couple the visit with a workshop for creating wooden toys. Receiving two groups, a total of 50 people, on the day, alternating between each group tour and workshop. Picnic and relax in the large garden.

Price: € 5 per person + guide fee € 40

Group package (1-25 pers.): Guided tour + workshop: 350 €

Small group package (1-10 pers.): Guided tour + workshop: 200 €

(11 to 20 pers.): Guided tour + workshop: 280 €

Children group booking

Book a visit to the museum of Laduz for your group of children : contact us