Humbert Collection

Sculpture in daily life

For me, creation is everywhere, in art as in craftsmanship, because art and daily life have made one thing for centuries. —Raymond Humbert

The Museum of Folk Arts in Laduz, Burgundy homes a unique collection of 100,000 objects. Part of the museum presents the sculpture in daily life and runs through the diverse creations: symbolic, poetic works, patience works, shepherds rods, finials, crucifixion, unusual objects …

181115banniere-boutons-oiseaux detail-crucifix epi-de-faitage-perigord personnage-de-bois

Different forms

The richness of the collection to distinguish the different forms of popular sculpture:

  • The scope sculpture (hooves, rods, pipes, jewelry …)
  • The inhabited sculpture (furniture, bird cages, mailboxes, benches, pergolas …)
  • The sculpture between heaven and earth (cobs ridges, weather vanes, signs …)
  • Ephemeral sculpture, games, parties
  • Religious beliefs (crucifixion, patron saints, Mary Ex. Voto …)

The topics covered Laduz Museum

  • Nature as a pretext and template to sculpture
  • The unusual functional forms
  • Mutation and diversion of the object
  • From engraving to sculpture