Folk art toys

The toy is the support of the play and the game. It is the pretext that creates a link with the world and conventions. —Raymond Humbert

Wood, metal, papier maché … the toy is an opening on life. Upon contact, the child discovers the material, hard, soft, rough, smooth. The collection presents different themes:

Penny toys and family creations: unique pieces made with materials from the immediate environment.

Participation toys: bowling, password-balls, balls …

  • early childhood toys
  • pets and legendary animals
  • to adult picture
  • the evolution of human activities
  • child mythology
  • games of skill
  • the show and the world of escape

Patched toys, processed toys …

Alain Robert est un passionné d'objets d'art populaire et de jouets anciens. Guide au musée de Laduz, il présente ici un de ses objets favori.