Metals craftsmen

Metals Trades are presented to the Museum of Popular Arts Laduz (Bourgogne) in a unique permanent collection, through tools and works of the craftsmen of old.
Find in different rooms dedicated to this craft heritage, the gesture of the Blacksmith, the achievements of the Blacksmith, the expertise of the Boilermaker …


At the root of all trades, metal smith held a special place in society and was often associated with the alchemist. It takes its name from the active forge it with the bellows. But emblematic of the profession is the anvil that allows the artisan to beat the iron to give it the desired shape using stamps and mass tool.


One of Smith’s activities is to be tool-maker, that is to say, manufacturer of tools: hammers, pliers carpenter, irons for planes, forks, picks and plowshares. He forges and repairs tools for ferme.Les trades blacksmith and tool maker will often confused with that of Farrier.

Enseigne, bouquet de Saint Eloi

Intimately linked to the Army, the farrier profession was soon codified. Recruitment was rigorous and very long apprenticeship. Only licensed to practice shoeing horses, but also donkeys and oxen, it is an integral part of rural life in which he is an essential part.


The boilermaker, itinerant craftsman, also called tinker always had a friendly image. Working the copper using countless hammers to side, for pressing, aplaner, he makes all kinds of utensils including bassinoire to heat the beds winter.


The tools of locksmith is close to that of a blacksmith with his anvil, anvils, hammers and tongs but his work requires more precision. He makes locks, hinges and reinforcements. Locksmith art grew with the construction of balconies, railings and wrought iron objects.


Business that develops especially in the 19th century, the plumber shapes ridge houses, water and gas pipes, manufactures faucets bassins.À Paris, expansion of the profession coincides with the great work of Baron Haussmann, the roofs of buildings are covered with zinc and lead adorned with ornaments.