The Museum of Popular Arts Laduz opened for the European Night of Museums

On Saturday, May 21, 2016 from 21h to midnight many visitors came to discover or rediscover the Humbert collection and the garden of the museum illuminated.

To the question “What are you doing tonight Saturday, May 21?” a hundred visitors were present and walked the halls of the Museum of Popular Arts Laduz from 21h to midnight for the European Night of Museums. Nocturnal visitors were affected by the general Humbert collection; the overwhelming evidence that we deliver the toolkits and the works carried out by missing these rural artisans, games and toys for a time when they were handmade daily and sensitive report that the man had with nature .
We were thrilled to welcome so many interested people and discover the museum at night, under the moon.

Thank you for coming, soon to read our events ..!


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