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The exhibition Papiers Choisis II is open daily from 14:30 to 18:00

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Discover the works of Odon, Chéné Bernadette and Maria Theresa Herbin.

All three are from a family bound by the same need to create with simple materials from everyday life: various paper-paper newspaper, kraft paper … Papers are cut, folded, woven, wrinkled, braided, carved and are transformed into pieces of contemporary art.

Until Sunday August, 28.

Some pictures of our summer exhibition

IMG_4198 IMG_4212

Marie-Thérèse Herbin

IMG_4210 IMG_4208


IMG_4205 IMG_4204

Bernadette Chéné


You can see the exhibition Papiers Choisis II every day in July and August from 14h30 to 18h!
See you soon..!

France 3 Bourgogne à Laduz

Tuesday, July 19, 2016, Marianne Picoche journalist for France 3 Bourgogne and his team came Dijon Museum Laduz to shoot a documentary.

This page summer will air current August the newspaper noon and that of 19:00.

Thanks to them!


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Wood workshop of summer – July 19, 2016

It was both hot and fresh yesterday for children who created these extraordinary wooden toys

IMG_4095 IMG_4094 IMG_4092 IMG_4090

Here we sculpt potatoes is printed, fold it connects!

Last Wednesday was held the first creative bindery with Anne-Lise Chapperon.
The rigorous and creative participants are happy to have made their notebooks origami inspiration. They carved patterns in a half potato, printed on large sheets of brown paper with typographic ink, cut, folded, and finally connected …! Here are some pictures of this beautiful afternoon at the museum …

Find all the information about the workshop this summer afternoons here
Do not forget to book!

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Ever more inventive ..!

Monday, July 4, last Wood Workshop for school groups. Just before the holidays, students from CP and CE1 Elementary School in Saint-Julien-Du-Sault have made amazing objects, beautiful and poetic!

Thank you for this school year rich in designs and good summer holiday!

Workshops continue the woods during the summer! Do not forget to book!


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Exhibition Papiers Choisis II, until 28 August 2016!

Thank you all for coming to see the exhibition Papiers Choisis II on opening night. We were a hundred to a drink in the presence of the three artists, Marie-Therese Herbin, Odon and Bernadette Chéné.


Speech by Jacqueline Humbert:

For this new exhibition, I have the great pleasure to welcome three artists:

Bernadette Chéné working on site newsprint, his works are often exhibited in prestigious venues such as recently at the Abbey of Bramblewood – Angers.

Odon with its large circular colored braids and also require large spaces – small churches or cathedrals campaigns but Laduz he proposed his “canivets” ancient technique of carving that dates back to 13th century

Marie-Therese Herbin exposes Laduz his works made from recycled paper …

These artists are not unknown to Laduz because for ten years I have organized exhibitions around the paper and textile materials which I am very sensitive. These exhibitions have brought a new audience to the museum and then they stopped using foul.
Seven years later and without means, I desired to repeat this experience with my artist friends.

This is also the thirty years of the Museum. Thirty years eve I love with this museum created with passion and patience by Raymond Humbert.
It is complicated enough to keep the museum in the state.
This important and rich place of history “of labor at the party,” men and women of campaigns that works until the end of the 19th century …

Thank you to my artist friends
and to everyone who participated in this success!


Works in the Wood Workshop

We thank the schools to live with their classes, the wood workshop of the museum. Students are happy to let their imagination to create their own wooden toys and manipulate glue, nails and hammers!

Here is a selection of unique objects of the elementary school children of Brienon-sur-Armançon, Gérard Philippe in Migennes and Auxerre Brazza.

IMG_4064 IMG_4066 IMG_4079 IMG_4082 IMG_4085 IMG_4087 IMG_4088 IMG_4090 IMG_4098 IMG_4101 IMG_4117 IMG_4123 IMG_4125 IMG_4132 IMG_4137 IMG_4142 IMG_4143 IMG_4148 IMG_4102


Bernadette Chéné’s workshop

We went in Vendée find the works of Bernadette Chéné for exposure Papiers Choisis II. We discovered his large studio with his work sculptures newsprint and also features wooden carvings. We spent time in his jewelry shop to select necklaces and bracelets. Which will be on sale in our shop. Discover from Saturday, July 2 his large sculptures in paper folded newspapers, wraps ..! Thank you to Bernadette and Jean-Damien we have received warmly in their beautiful home.

IMG_3714 copy IMG_3716 copy IMG_3717 IMG_3718

Odon’s workshop

We picked a selection of works of Odon for the exhibition Papiers Choisis II. We had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful workshop, also to discover the process of achieving its Cannivets. We look forward to present his work this summer at the museum, meanwhile here are some photographs of our day in Odon. Thanks to him and Colette!

IMG_3653IMG_3654 IMG_3657 IMG_3658 IMG_3660 IMG_3652 IMG_3668 IMG_3670 IMG_3671

School groups at the museum

Classes CP and CE1 of Branches of Elementary School took the Toy Workshop Wood under the sun of June. Arrived at 10am, the 41 students were divided into 2 groups. One went to visit the Popular Toys with Theresa and Lorraine and the children made their own toys; unique assemblages of pieces of wood, small fruit trees, various natural elements … mosses and lichens …

The other group went with Manon to discover the artisans, their tools and their works; the saddler, blacksmith, the blacksmith, the wheelwright and the shoemaker. They worked in pairs on issues enabling them to synthesize the visit. All sitting in the grass, Manon has told them the story of the Lady who loved horses too, Martine Laffon and Joëlle Jolivet. The kids loved the sweet and funny story by finding objects seen at the museum!

The groups met for a picnic in the shade of large trees in the park. And the afternoon beginner groups have joined the mediators that they had not had the morning ..!

4 large boxes filled with imaginative toys made by the children could take the bus back … phew!

Some achievements of children:

IMG_4033 IMG_4037IMG_4041IMG_4045IMG_4052IMG_4054IMG_4056 IMG_4058

The memorial in Aucelon

Vincent Humbert me to the smallest 1914-1918 war memorial in the town hall of a small village – Aucelon – perched high in the mountains of the Drôme. This is an interesting and moving folk art work created by a peasant in a remote farm in the municipality. The work is full color, made of plaster and “papier mâché”.

IMG_0295 (1)

IMG_0321 (1)

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The Museum of Popular Arts Laduz opened for the European Night of Museums

On Saturday, May 21, 2016 from 21h to midnight many visitors came to discover or rediscover the Humbert collection and the garden of the museum illuminated.

To the question “What are you doing tonight Saturday, May 21?” a hundred visitors were present and walked the halls of the Museum of Popular Arts Laduz from 21h to midnight for the European Night of Museums. Nocturnal visitors were affected by the general Humbert collection; the overwhelming evidence that we deliver the toolkits and the works carried out by missing these rural artisans, games and toys for a time when they were handmade daily and sensitive report that the man had with nature .
We were thrilled to welcome so many interested people and discover the museum at night, under the moon.

Thank you for coming, soon to read our events ..!


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Children workshop wood toys creation Sunday, June 19 – 14:00-16:00

Children workshop
wood toys creation
Sunday, June 19 – 14:00-16:00

By reservations / limited seating (20 seats)
Open workshop for parents and children (from 4 years)
Guided tour of the incredible collection of Popular Toys + workshop creating wooden toy

Individual price: 12 € (giving access to the rest of the museum, out of workshop time with his parents)
sibling or parent-child price: 10 €/ pers. (giving access to the rest of the museum, out of workshop time with his parents)

More information about the workshop content here
Book online here
By phone 06 76 21 32 61

The Night of the Museum Laduz

Discover the Humbert collection and the garden of the museum illuminated during the European Night of Museums Saturday, May 21 from 21h to midnight. Free entry.

Between two rain showers

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English and japanese versions

The Laduz Museum website now offers a tiny Japanese version and a complete English version.

Visit at the Anne-Lise Chapperon’s workshop, a bookbinder (Sens)

IMG_3645_WAnne-Lise Chapperon received us in his beautiful studio and workshop near the banks of Yonne in Sens. She generously presented his bindings, explained different forms that she implements. She specializes in paper bindings.

 We will find her back all summer to create a paper workshop on wednesdays (14:00-18:00 for everybody from 7-year old/by reservation). And above all she will present her bookbinder works at our Artists books fair on the weekend of 9, 10 and 11 September!Thank you Anne-Lise for this afternoon with you and see you soon!
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Rémi Dardou, the junk dealer friend of the Laduz museum

remy-dardou-le-brocanteur-s-installe-a-charmoy_2578810Rémi Sardou, friend of Laduz museum, established his flea market in Charmoy, at a few kilometers from Laduz.

Plus d’information sur l’Yonne.

New layout of the reception of the museum

The Laduz museum reception was recently converted to expand the space of movement and make books and objects more accessible from the library shop.


Our events in 2016

1986-2016: Le musée fête ses 30 ans..!

Cette année, le Musée des Arts Populaires de Laduz fête ses trente ans. Tout l’été, des documents seront exposés et retraceront pour les visiteurs, l’histoire du musée; Récits des temps forts de toutes ces années d’acquisitions, de rencontres et de témoignages…

1986-2016: The museum celebrates 30 years ..!

This year the Laduz Museum of Folk Arts celebrates thirty years. All summer, documents and presentations will retrace to visitors, the museum’s history. Stories of the highlights of all these years of acquisitions, meetings and testimonials …

construction_musée_1 construction_musée_2

Exhibition Selected Papers II

From 02 July to 28 August the Laduz Museum invites Marie-Thérèse HerbinOdon and Bernadette Chéné to exhibit their works “papers”.

These artists come from a family bound by the same need to create with simple materials from everyday life: newsprint, kraft paper … Papers are cut, folded, woven, wrinkled, braided, carved and transformed into pieces of contemporary art.

In reference to our 2004 exhibition, “From fiber and yarn,” we take our research and discovery of talented artists and recognized by their innovative and amazing works in their design.

Download the press release here: communiqué de presse in French.


Artists’ Workbooks in Laduz

The Laduz Museum and Françoise Duvernier organize the 9, 10 and 11 September 2016 a Artists’ Workbooks exhibition, creating the link between our presentations artists working paper and the book trade. These different professions will be represented by ten guests: authors, illustrators, publishers, bookbinders inviting local personalities.

Monique Mathieu, Laurence Maurel, Anne-Lise Chaperon,  Claudie Stassart et Jean-Marie Queneau (Editions de la Goulotte), Danièle Blanchelande, Shirley Sharoff, Jean-Louis Espilit, Marie-Noelle FontantCloé Rousset, Anne Delfieu, OdonMarie-Thérèse Herbin. We also expect the presence of graphic art center of La métairie bruyère (Edition RLD)


They talk about Laduz …

Elsa Mongheal in L’Yonne newspaper of April, 7th 2016, devotes an article to Laduz Museum. See article in French.


March 2016. Activity: observational drawing & stencils


Following the visit of Bourrelier, Blacksmith, Marechal Ferrant, and Sabotier trades, children watched the small wooden shoes made in the Morvan Natural Park in the traditional clog maker workshop Alain Marchand at Saut du Gouloux!

After observing the different forms of shoes presented to Laduz Museum after seeing the carved or painted designs that adorned them, they let their imagination to create their dreamed clogs …

The kids were happy with their day at the museum, because the party is responsible for their wooden toys and their beautiful designs.